an invitation to replenish who you are

A place for self-discovery, experiencing life in refreshing new ways and rethinking how we work.

Our services include courses, social spaces and private coaching sessions to support your wellbeing, growth and unique purpose in life. Guidance is available for self-awareness, parenting, relationships, career orientation, team design and preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences.

We are honoured that you are here and it would be our pleasure to connect with you.



Alannah Hillstrom and Hagen Artley smiling in front of a stone wall.

Hi, we are Alannah & Hagen.

For us, an essential experience is growing together with those we love. 

It is the most rewarding endeavor, and yet it can be so deeply challenging. Sometimes dealing with ourselves already feels complex enough, let alone dealing with someone else! 

Our hope with Regenerative Human Design is to provide frameworks that empower you to be well within yourself and be well with others in these crazy times. 

We utilize two frameworks: Organic Intelligence and Human Design.

  1. Organic Intelligence, founded by Steven Hoskinson, is rooted in complexity science and clinical therapeutic practice. It is our roadmap for building bandwidth and de-conditioning in ways that are natural and safe. We identify different developmental stages to move through together, step by step, securing a resilient foundation for you to come home to and then launch into the adventure of your life.

  2. The Human Design System, a synthesis of modern sciences and esoterics founded by Ra Uru Hu, provides us with the mechanics of decision-making, awareness and uniqueness. It orients us to your unique Design and offers a compass for navigating life with more ease and less resistance. It provides essential self-knowledge in the domains of health, learning, work, love and relationships. 

Let's begin where we are.

Many folks that work with us arrive depleted and are in need of support to be able to relax, to reset and recover. 

Your wellbeing really matters to us. We know from experience that more information will not recharge your batteries. But given enough time, the right combination of knowledge and care certainly can. 

Wherever you are in your journey, ready to regenerate the inner world or outer world, we are available and ready to assist you.