Hi, I’m Alannah and I’m delighted that you’re here.

At Regenerative Human Design we work with folks who are ready for a new way of being. We offer a path for people to regenerate who they really are and to experience a life of meaning and enjoyment. 

Alannah Hillstrom leaning against a stone wall smiling at the camera

A little about me

On my own healing journey, I have tried a lot of things. I believe in the practices of Human Design & Organic Intelligence because I know them to be useful and effective in my own transformation and that of my clients.

I’ve discovered how to respect the ebb and flow of my energy, navigate the intensity of my emotional system and awaken to a life of greater satisfaction and purpose. 

I would be honored to empower your growth and help you to learn how to navigate the intensities that arise on your path with ease, making a measurable difference in your life.

I would be delighted to help you connect with your own sense of satisfaction and grow in a direction that just feels better.

Alannah Hillstrom wearing a black jacket smiling at camera.

Alannah is dedicated to the integration of Human Design with the practice of Organic Intelligence as a pathway for empowerment, regeneration and sustainable growth.

As a certified Living Your Design Guide, Alannah has been immersed in Human Design for 7 years, mentoring primarily Generators and Manifesting Generators. She has studied with Human Design master teachers – Laveena Archers, Mary Ann Winiger, Leela & Dharmen Swann Herbert and Alokanand Diaz. 

In 2022, Alannah began training with Organic Intelligence, a protocol for nervous system regulation, helping her to expand her capacity to be with the intensities of life and experience more ease.

Alannah offers private sessions integrating Human Design and Organic Intelligence. She also teaches courses and holds conversation spaces with Hagen Artley, where they ‘put the human in Human Design’. Clients receive the benefit of attuned nervous system support as they move through the challenges of their deconditioning process and personal transformation.

As a mother, Alannah has raised her two daughters (a Manifestor and a Projector) with Human Design. With this lived experience, she can help you gracefully relate to designs that are divergent to yours.

Alannah has decades of experience in communications and project management. She successfully founded and managed A Good Seed Production in San Francisco working with Fortune 500 companies. She is also a trained Biodynamic Craniosacral Practitioner, Birth Doula, Intentional Creativity Coach and Artist. Additionally, Alannah is grateful to have received foundational teachings from an elder of the Blackfoot Nation. 



What it's like working together...

“Alannah’s coaching has had an incredibly profound impact on my life. She is extremely gifted in her abilities to use Human Design and Organic Intelligence to help a person find their own beautifully unique way to be in this world. To trust the wisdom of your own experience and the wisdom of your bodies knowingness. This work is powerful.”

Jodi Dool
Business Owner