A Nurturing Space

Regenerative Human Design is the collaborative effort of Hagen Artley & Alannah Hillstrom. 

“Our offering is grounded in our life-long learning and the values we’ve discovered along the way. Our relationship with you is one of co-exploration and mutual growth.

Like all good seekers we’ve tried a lot of things trying to figure out how life works. We’ve studied with master teachers, experienced psychedelics, learned various systems, received hours of therapy and no shortage of meditation. Until eventually the things that really worked found us. 

There’s nothing we love more than connecting with people who ask meaningful life questions and are looking for new ways of being in the world.

Ultimately, we offer ‘coaching’ and ‘consulting’ services as a means to an end: to witness people as they grow, thrive and enjoy their lives more fully, connected to what really matters to them.” 

Alannah Hillstrom and Hagen Artley of Regenerative Human Design leaning against a stone wall.

Regenerating yourself and discovering what your unique life is all about.

Regenerative Human Design is a portal home to who you were born to be before the body and mind were overwhelmed by conditioning. We offer an array of resources for organizations and teams who are looking to work more effectively, harmoniously and efficiently.

We are a meeting point for people who recognize that it’s transformation time and are wise to get support for the journey ahead. If you are reconsidering what really matters in life, you can connect with others here who are also on the path.

We’re here to help you build a reliable inner compass, to heal and to grow by providing a safe environment in which this can happen naturally.

To experience all of this we offer a variety of spaces that you can explore according to your own needs, level of interest and curiosity – from affordable collective meetings to private sessions and courses.

Regeneration means to restore something and bring it back to life. There are many things we may want to regenerate in the world, so how about we start with ourselves?

We utilize two frameworks: Organic Intelligence and Human Design.

  1. Organic Intelligence, founded by Steven Hoskinson, is rooted in complexity science and clinical therapeutic practice. It is our roadmap for building bandwidth and de-conditioning in ways that are natural and safe. We identify different developmental stages to move through together, step by step, securing a resilient foundation for you to come home to and then launch into the adventure of your life.

  2. The Human Design System, a synthesis of modern sciences and esoterics founded by Ra Uru Hu, provides us with the mechanics of decision-making, awareness and uniqueness. It orients us to your unique Design and offers a compass for navigating life with more ease and less resistance. It provides essential self-knowledge in the domains of health, learning, work, love and relationships. 

How we can work together.

Everyone has their own personalized trajectory.

Step One – Let’s connect and talk about what you’re looking for.

Step Two – We co-create a way of working together that feels good to you.

Step Three – We work together for a determined timeline (this could also be a one-off) and review how it was for you.

Step Four – We incorporate the feedback and map a new trajectory together whenever you like.

What people are saying about our collaboration.

“Alannah’s love, compassion, and grace created a safe space to share and reflect. Hagen’s explanations and extremely intuitive messages cracked open walls held around the heart. It was a truly connected, rich, and supportive experience. I felt my heart expand and my satisfaction deepen through my experience with the both of you.”

Cole Bambino
Living Your Design Guide

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