For those who feel called to recover who they are, we hope to provide a pathway home to a more immediate and natural way of living.

In this day and age we are more connected globally than we’ve ever been. At the same time, civilization is crumbling under the weight of its own complexity. Stress is amplified to the point of dissociation, polarization and fragmentation. In individuals, this systemic difficulty may be experienced as chronic pain, fatigue, burn-out, relational / career frustration & loss of self-worth. 

Every human body is built for pleasure and longs to be fulfilled. When we talk about fulfillment as living with a sense of meaning or purpose in the world, this tends to be social in nature. We exist not only to have our unique experience of things, but to connect and be in the world together.

Using the tools offered by Organic Intelligence, this class lays the foundation for increased biological resiliency & enhanced processing capacity. You’ll learn how to expand your bandwidth for greater levels of intensity, energy, complexity, connection & awareness. 

We’ll journey into a recalibration of the nervous system, remediating overwhelm & regaining access to feeling well in the environment. Our aim is to restore the vitality and enjoyment of our ‘ordinary’ day-to-day by nourishing ourselves through the senses.

Human Design practitioners are particularly welcome in this course. As active professionals in the system, we recognize the difference between changing one’s mind and changing one’s life. Intellectual achievement may not necessarily translate into quality of life. This course is intended to help make sure you can bridge that gap.

Course Content and Details

Transformation & Deconditioning: the 3 Phase Model provided by Organic Intelligence, the True Self & Not-Self provided by Human Design.

The Mind, The Body & Me: survival & thriving, awareness & biology.

Walking Each Other Home: how to exit chronic survival mode (includes references to the poly vagal theory by Stephen Porges).

Feedback & Sustainable Pleasure: Human Design Type Signatures & Positive Reinforcement.

The Road to Purpose & Auto-regulation: Ease, Wise Effort & Surrender

9 Weeks

120 minutes per Class (live session, video recording)

Weekly meditation guidance (audio recording 15 – 30 minutes)

$530 USD

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What people are saying about this class...

“This class is just WOW! I was able to integrate the practices so quickly. It had a profound shift in my experience in such a short time. Orientation has become my lifeline. I am so grateful for your wisdom and teachings.”
Paula Pensiero
Business Owner