Would you like to go deeper into your Human Design?

You are invited to take your experiment with Human Design to the next level and start living into the practice. In this Awakening Experience we will explore how to connect to the world grounded in your own authority and uniqueness. This class is an opportunity for you to participate, experiment and uncover who you really are. 

This LYD course introduces the foundational elements of the Human Design Bodygraph and Rave Mandala Wheel. This will include profound explanations about the evolution of consciousness and the mechanics of being.

Derived from your personal chart, you will receive practical formulas to help you navigate through the world and interact successfully with others. You will learn how to make correct decisions for yourself by recognizing what is truly nourishing and worthwhile for you.

We understand that the process of self-discovery can be a lonely road at times. In this group class you will have the chance to connect with people who are on a similar trajectory carrying a transformative intention. In our space you get to express yourself and experience being received in a way that is not readily available for many people.

IHDS Certified Course Outline

  • The origins, physics and metaphysics of the Human Design System.
  • The 4 Types – Generator, Projector, Manifestor & Reflector. 
  • The 4 Strategies and 7 Authorities for Decision-Making.
  • Keys for correct interaction with people in your life who may operate very differently than you. 
  • Detailed explanation of the Bodygraph – all 9 Centers and their Gates – understanding their functions, shadows and wisdom potentials.
  • The Definition and Openness + the Conscious and Unconscious. 
  • All things are looked at relative to the individual charts of participants to notice and discuss differences & unique experiences.

    9 Video Recordings
    9 Live Classes – 90 minutes each 

    $350 USD

Course Content and Details

This Living Your Design is a facilitated group journey that takes place over 9 weeks.

You will receive recorded videos each week of the course content to watch at your convenience. We will also meet weekly for 90 minutes.

The live classes will be an opportunity to go deeper into your experiment with your questions and sharing. We will be ready to support you with our own experience and knowledge.

Recordings will be available if you cannot attend and to keep for your continued learning. Completion of this IHDS certified course qualifies you to take the next foundational class on the Human Design education path.

We’ll be gathering in a small group so that we can hold space for each person to ask questions & integrate their experience. There are 8 places available. 

If you have already taken LYD or are a guide in training, we offer a 50% audit pricing. Please inquire. 

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What people are saying about this class...

“Alannah and Hagen are the most clear, encouraging, and empowering mentors. Together, these two virtuosos make it easy for mental understanding to convert into a felt experience, as do the best teachers. I am so lucky to have started my Human Design journey with them!”

Violet Kaliroi
Artist & Facilitator