The Journey Home

We offer this support based on our personal experiences with psychedelics and plant medicine, as well as our training in nervous system regulation.

We recognize that psychedelics can be incredible tools for expanding our consciousness, and that they are an intense experience that require preparation. Without well-supported integration, it may be difficult to transition from the psychedelic experience back to daily life.

In our coaching practice, we help people restore their own sense of wellbeing, connection, joy and meaning in life. 

Psychedelic experiences were part of that journey for us, and we would be honoured to support you during this important time.

Our Walk Together


Before your journey, we work together to co-create a safe space for exploration and provide you with tools for accessing calm states of relaxation and groundedness.

You’ll receive:

  • Guidance on how to work with images, sensations, and emotions that emerge in expanded states.
  • Education on how the nervous system works so you can learn how to regulate your experience if intensities arise.
  • An introduction to a meditation-like practice called Orientation which helps to calm, open, and ground your system, and that can be used anytime.

3 sessions (60 minutes each)- $300


After your psychedelic journey, our sessions support your nervous system as we help you to organize and process the experience.

You’ll receive:

  • Space for the discovery of what is meaningful for you by exploring the healing content of your experience.
  • Support to gently recalibrate your nervous system. 
  • Assistance in recognizing and strengthening new neural pathways that were created during your experience.
  • Empowerment of your ability to integrate new ways of seeing and being in the world.

3 sessions (60 minutes each) – $300

This is our recommended path. We are also available to design an approach that is specifically supportive for your process. Please book a free call to get to know us to see what feels best for you.

Are you interested in exploring more?

What people are saying about our support...

“Alannah & Hagen hold an exceptionally supportive and compassionate space for exploring and integrating psychedelic experiences. They skilfully weave together elements from Human Design and Organic Intelligence, offering guidance for helping to embody medicine work. The tools they’ve imparted have played a pivotal role in regulating my nervous system, fostering increased clarity, and enhancing receptivity to supportive resources in my present moment.”

Tatiana Calvo