opportunities for support

Private Sessions

Our sessions are tailored to your unique interests and level of engagement. Whether it’s theory, practice or nervous system support, we’d be happy to assist and offer you attuned feedback.

Guidance is available for self-awareness, parenting, relationships, career orientation, team design and post-psychedelic integration.

Specific coaching packages are also available.

We suggest booking a free call to explore your options and see if we are a good fit.

$100 USD – 1 hour

Human Design Overview

This is the starting point for newcomers to Human Design. We begin with an orientation to your Type, Strategy & Authority according to your unique Design. 

You will learn how to tune into your own frequency, access your internal guidance system and start experimenting with making decisions that are truly correct & rewarding for you.

$150 USD – 90 minutes


Organic Intelligence Overview

Receive fresh insight into the healing nature of your own biology. Learn vital strategies for keeping your nervous system healthy, resilient and well-regulated in this day and age.

Discover a trauma safe trajectory for recovery, transformation & de-conditioning through kindness, non-judgment and life enjoyment.

$100 USD – 1 hour

BG5 Career & Business Design Overview​

Acquire essential self-knowledge that empowers you to make a living in ways that are fulfilling, healthy and true to your nature. 

Learn how to establish a working environment where you can play to your strengths, avoid burning out and be recognized for your unique contribution. 

$100 USD – 1 hour

Human Design Analyses

For folks who are ready to deepen their self-knowledge and experimentation with the Human Design system. 

Varying levels of analysis are available to go deeper into your own Design or your loved ones’. Come to see the underlying structure of your life as it unfolds. 

Analysis options:

  • Your Unique Role, Life Purpose & Trajectory 
  • Bonding, Love, Relationships & Self-Esteem
  • Life Cycles & Transitions
  • The Not-Self & De-conditioning
  • Your Life Force, Openness & Wisdom

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BG5 Career & Business Design Analyses

For professionals and students who are ready to optimize their career and teamwork. 

Varying levels of analysis are available to go deeper into your unique Career Design. Come to recognize which roles suit you best, discover what your strengths and weaknesses actually are. Learn how to interact with ease and communicate in an effective manner. Understand the synergies and challenges of partnerships, team configurations and group dynamics.

Analysis options:

  • Life Work & Purpose
  • Personal Interaction & Key Indicators
  • Strengths, Weaknesses & How You Process Information
  • Connections, Public Role & Ideal Working Environment
  • Emotional Intelligence, Confidence & Power
  • Engineering Successful Teams


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